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The Swan Valley

Ambassador stories

Filmed and produced by Clip Media.

  • Television
  • Social media
  • Digital

Thomas the Artist

Arch the Winemaker

Martin the Sculptor

Dale the Noongar Elder

Tara the Cafe Owner

Rupert the Beekeeper

The brief:

While the Swan Valley is well-known for it’s wineries and fine food, many people are unaware of the variety of other activities and services that can be enjoyed there. City of Swan tasked us with creating content to advertise the ‘Entwined in the Valley’ event and position the region as an exciting, diverse destination.

Our work:

By producing videos that tell the stories of small business owners in the region, we were able to bring this vision of the Swan Valley to life.

Short 15-second versions of these stories were aired as television commercials.

The Swan Valley is a very special place. There are so many different people around with all these amazing skills. And they’re all in this one little area.

~ Rupert Philips, House of Honey & Sticky Spoon Cafe

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